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For men who have not achieved their desired chest appearance through exercise alone, there is a cosmetic surgical procedure for that. When it comes to plastic surgery for men, a pectoral augmentation can give the already-existing chest muscles a more toned and masculine look. For men that have lost muscle because of accident or injury, pectoral implants can reconstruct the chest for a more natural look. If you are interested in learning more about pectoral implants, Dr. Wigoda shares some important information in regards to this type of plastic surgery for men.

Pectoral implant surgery is similar to a breast augmentation in the sense that Dr. Wigoda will show you different shapes and sizes of implants that are available to you. The difference is that it is important to pick an implant that forms naturally to the curves and shapes or your already-existing muscles.

To insert the implant, a small incision is made in the armpit. Extreme precision must be used during this procedure to make sure the implant is placed in the correct position and will not move out of position afterward. After the incisions heal, the scars should be barely visible and are easily concealed.

Pectoral augmentation takes anywhere between one to two hours to complete and is typically done under general anesthesia. The surgery is done on an outpatient basis, similar to the breast augmentation, where you recover for a bit at the surgical center and can then go home immediately after.

A good candidate who is thinking about pectoral implants is one of good health who wishes to enhance their chest area by adding definition to the muscle that is sculpted prior to surgery. The man should be a non-smoker, or one who has stopped smoking two weeks prior to surgery. It is important to avoid smoking for at least two weeks after surgery for the patient to heal correctly.

To get a better idea of pectoral implants, you can ask Dr. Wigoda a number of questions at your consultation. You must consider if what you want is realistic, and exactly how much everything will cost financially to make sure you are comfortable with the entire process. Dr. Wigoda can also tell you everything that you can expect when it comes to soreness and scarring, according to your body and skin type.

If you are thinking about pectoral implants or another type of plastic surgery for men, contact Dr. Wigoda today for more information or a consultation.

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