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Prior to your surgery, it is vital that you become acquainted with the different stages that you will go through during the breast implant healing process. After surgery, you must allow your body the proper time to heal. Dr. Wigoda suggests taking the appropriate steps in preparing for surgery, post-operative care, and follow-up visits when considering the entire breast implant healing process.

Preparing for Surgery

-Before leaving your house, make sure everything is in order so you can completely relax once you are home from surgery.

-Wear loose fitting clothing, for you will be wearing it when you wake up from surgery with your new breasts.

-Make sure someone is with you to bring you home after surgery; you will not be able to operate a vehicle.

Post-Operative Care

-One of the most important ways to properly aid in the breast implant healing process is to avoid lifting anything more than 5-10 pounds. Do not put unnecessary strain on any muscles in your body, especially your pectorals.

-No smoking. Nicotine causes blood vessels to contract, which compromises the blood flow to your surgical site. This increases your risk of infection, and can delay healing, so it is best you avoid smoking during the breast implant healing process.

-Do not sleep on your stomach for at least 6 weeks. Prop pillows to hold you upright for the first week or so. With Dr. Wigoda’s procedure, it is ok to sleep on your side.

-You will be told to lift your arms above your shoulders immediately after surgery and for the first week after surgery, to repeat it every hour or so. Patients are surprised they can do this but they are always able to. Stretching the pectoral muscle in this way actually feels better.

-You may wash your hair the day after surgery, after Dr. Wigoda has seen you and changed your bandages.

-Do not soak your incisions, as you would in a bath or a pool.

-Do not wear a bra with underwire until your doctor permits you to do so. This is usually at 3 to 4 months as you want the implants to drop into the correct position.

-Do not run or engage any strenuous physical activity. If you are itching for exercise, follow Dr. Wigoda’s instructions regarding post-op exercises.

-If you want to look at your new additions, go ahead.  Just put the sports bra back on afterward.

-Take the proper medication prescribed by your doctor and get plenty of rest. Sleeping is a pain killer in itself.

Follow-Up Visits


-After surgery, you will have scheduled follow-up appointments. Make sure to attend all visits, for this is where your doctor will monitor your progress and will watch closely for any potential complications.

-Your breasts will be feel a bit tight for a certain period of time before they settle in. Be patient.

-Exercise and normal activity can resume at the direction of your doctor.


Some women incur little or no pain, however; everyone is different.  Be sure to continue drinking plenty of water and continue eating a diet that is rich in nutrients. Following all of these tips and instructions, courtesy of Dr. Wigoda, can help your breast implant healing process exponentially.

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