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If you were into fitness and working out prior to a surgery, it is very natural to become restless when hanging out on the couch at home during your breast augmentation recovery period. You are probably eager to go shopping for a new sports bra and work up a sweat in the gym. However, post-op instructions and guidelines suggest that you stay away from exercising for a certain amount of time.

Some people heal faster than others, so if you feel comfortable enough and think that you can hit the gym, make sure to check with Dr. Wigoda first. When going back to exercising after a painless breast implant procedure in Miami, Florida, it is wise for you to be aware of what you can and cannot do.

Be Easy On Your Chest
You never want to overuse your pectoral muscles early in the recovery period. A small portion of the muscles are cut during the surgery and this requires time to heal.

After your breast augmentation, there is a capsule that forms in the pocket that is holding the implant. The capsule is the body’s way of protecting against a foreign object in the body. If you do too much to the muscle during your breast augmentation recovery, and cause any bleeding, it is possible that the capsule will thicken and become hard. This can cause something called a capsular contracture. In other words, the body is responding to foreign materials in your body, where the scar tissue hardens, which can cause your breasts to look and feel different, and can also cause major discomfort. You must have surgery to fix and replace this issue.

In order to keep your body and new breasts safe post-op, Dr. Wigoda recommends the following exercises.

Post-Op Exercises

-For the first four days to a week or so, it is strongly advised that you take it easy. Dr. Wigoda explains that the only physical activity you should be doing is moving around the house to keep the blood flowing or running short errands if they are necessary. Do not begin your post-op exercises just yet.

-From the middle of the second to the third week into breast augmentation recovery, you will most likely be cleared by your doctor to go for a walk. Walk at a pace no faster than 3mph. It is advised that you keep your heart rate down because a high heart rate can negatively impact the healing process.

-After week three, low-impact cardio is permitted. If you cannot stay away from the gym for any longer, continue to do low-impact cardio for a couple of weeks. Post-op exercises like walking on the treadmill or using the elliptical without the arms at a 50% effort is good on the body. You can start lifting light weights and short runs if you were running prior to surgery.

-When you are ready to start lifting weights, start with lighter weights than you were using prior to surgery. With Dr. Wigoda’s procedure, it is ok to use your chest muscles by three weeks, just not at full strength yet.  You can certainly do light leg weights and other leg exercises such as lunges, leg press, leg extensions, adductor, abductor, step up with no weights, and body weight squats.

-Dr. Wigoda suggests going easy on any upper body workouts in weeks three and four and gradually increasing the weights and intensity. Ease into it and listen to your body. If a movement feels unnatural, avoid doing it until your body is ready.

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