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We all know that timing is everything in life – and this saying also applies to surgical procedures. If you are taking the next step in your life and want to look your best with painless breast implants by Dr. Wigoda, a Miami plastic surgeon, you want to make sure that you are timing your surgery properly when it comes to major life events that may be right around the corner. While you may feel excited and want to move quickly throughout this journey, breast augmentation patients who allow for plenty of recovery time are usually the most satisfied.

Some patients choose to have their Miami plastic surgeon perform their painless breast implant surgery in the summertime, as their busier times are during the remainder of the year, in deliberation of holidays. It is important to consider your own work, social, and recreational schedules when timing your surgery. Recovery time begins when you return home post-op. Although your recovery is individual to your body and specific situation, Dr. Wigoda will recommend that you start exercise 3 weeks after surgery, and by 4 to 5 weeks you should be back to your normal routine.

If you are planning on showing off your painless breast implant results at a big event, you will want to make sure that you are timing your surgery accordingly. It is best to be happy and healed to reveal your changes. While you will be enjoying the benefits of your breast augmentation as soon as you get home from the surgical center, and results can be seen immediately, it does take 3 to 4 months for the breast implants to fully settle and look how they are ultimately supposed to.

Top Miami plastic surgeon, Dr. Wigoda, shares that cosmetic surgery results are not instantaneous, so it is imperative that you begin planning the timing of your surgery properly. Considering a wedding, most wedding planners suggest ordering your wedding gown at least eight months prior to your wedding day. If you are not fitting your dress to the size including your new breasts, you will be looking to schedule your surgery about a year before your wedding day.

Below, your Miami plastic surgeon highlights the dates you should have scheduled your surgery by to be perfectly healed by the big day, all of which follow roughly a 4-month-prior timeframe for your implants to look their best for the holiday or event you are planning to attend.

To be ready for New Year’s Eve, schedule your surgery by October 1.

To be ready for Valentine’s Day, schedule your surgery by November 14.

To be ready for spring break vacation, schedule your surgery by December 15.

To be ready for your spring graduation, schedule your surgery by January 12.

To be ready for The Fourth of July, schedule your surgery by March 4.

To be ready for Labor Day, schedule your surgery by May 5.

To be ready for Thanksgiving, schedule your surgery June 26.

To be ready for Christmas, schedule your surgery by August 24.

It is important to give yourself the proper time you need to heal, in order to get the best results. Your painless breast surgeon in Miami will tell you that your individual recovery is based on your unique circumstance and the details of your procedure, so be sure to plan accordingly. Contact Dr. Wigoda today for your painless breast implants consultation!

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