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It is very common not to know how to dress after a breast augmentation. Most women are not used to their new enhancements, so Dr. Wigoda has put together a short list of how to dress for certain occasions and environments after getting breast implant surgery.

Dressing for Work – The appropriate dress code for the work environment has a very fine line between what is acceptable and what is not. When it comes to wearing shirts that can be unbuttoned, it is inappropriate when a lot of soft tissue is showing. For the most part, unbuttoning one or two buttons is standard for women in the workplace; however, after a breast augmentation, it may be your best bet to stick with unbuttoning only one button, just to be safe. The same goes with V-neck blouses: make sure you are not showing too much soft tissue. After a breast augmentation, you may notice that you have to avoid V-neck tops altogether in the workplace to avoid being a distraction.

Dressing to Make a Good First Impression – The appropriate dress code to make a good first impression on someone should be true to your personality. It is also important you are not taking any fashion risks. Wear an outfit that shows minimal cleavage and avoid anything that may draw extra attention, unless it is a statement necklace to a plain outfit. Opt for all black and a top that has a crew neck – complete coverage of the top half of your body. If you like, wear a sleeveless top so that it has some style. After getting breast implants, it can be difficult to know how to tone down and conceal them for appropriate situations; wearing all black is a great way to accomplish making a great first impression.

Dressing for Date Night – Make sure you are wearing something comfortable in the sense of your chest, especially after a breast augmentation. The clothes you used to wear will be tighter than before. Wear pants that show off your figure instead of something tight around the chest area. If you wish to show cleavage, a simple sports bra may do the trick after a breast augmentation. Take the time to enhance your features, not overwhelm them; and right after getting breast implants, a regular bra will definitely make them stand out.

When it comes to shopping for clothes after a breast augmentation, the neckline is one of the most important considerations. Strapless tops do not usually work for women who have undergone breast enlargement surgery. While a V-neck shirt can show just the right amount of cleavage, some may be a bit too deep for the workplace, and more suitable for a casual lunch with your friends. Take the time to experiment what fits best on your silhouette. For a lot of women, going up a size from what you were before is the key to finding tops that are appropriate and flattering for your larger breasts.

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