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Some of their gimmicks and laughable claims are the following:

  1. The center advertises a breast augmentation for "under $3500". What they dont tell you is that this only includes local anesthesia and is not performed in an accredited operating room. Most plastic surgeons would never consider doing a breast augmentation under local anesthesia but these centers offer it to get patients in the door. If you want general anesthesia, they charge an additional $1500 for a total of $5000, a price that is higher than many reputable surgeons, including Dr. Wigoda. In addition, after surgery you will be lucky to see your own surgeon. You will be seen by any one that is available, often times just a nurse.
  2. The centers advertise 15 to 20 surgeons on staff, each with their own area of expertise. The fact is most of these surgeons are working for a shady business because they were unsuccessful in their own practices, have disciplinary problems, and have been sued many times. They are certainly not any more expert at any procedure than plastic surgeons who have successful practices. If they were such "experts", they would not be working just to get a small percentage of the fees that are charged.