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There are a number of different factors involved for individuals who are considering breast implants. Most want to know how much breast implants cost and how to find the best cosmetic surgeon that can provide the painless breast implant procedure. This article will reveal some of the information and facts regarding painless breast augmentation procedures and how to find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.

Fiction: Breast augmentation is painful.

All surgeries are going to be accompanied by a certain level of discomfort; be it dental, cosmetic, or simple outpatient procedures. The real question is: how painful is a “painless” breast implant procedure? If you have visited or researched cosmetic surgeons in Fort Lauderdale, you will find that very few offer some form of painless breast implant procedure; Dr Wigoda has developed his painless breast implant procedure during his past 17 years in practice, after training with the top plastic surgeons in the country.  Because of patient variability in how they tolerate pain or discomfort, no one can guarantee a truly painless breast implant procedure, but Dr. Wigoda can guarantee you will have less pain with his technique than with traditional techniques, and most patients have very little, if any pain.

Fiction: There is no such thing as painless breast implants.

There have been major advances in cosmetic surgery in the last few decades; and these days, cosmetic surgery is performed with a better understanding and better technology, improving technique and precision. Dr. Wigoda is one of the best plastic surgeons in Fort Lauderdale and his advanced technique has drastically reduced the pain associated with breast augmentation. Pain thresholds are subjective, but Dr. Wigoda has developed a technique that combines the right tools and experience to ensure that patients experience minimal levels of discomfort, and very little pain.

Fact: Ensure less pain by following your painless breast implants post-op recovery instructions.

Although Dr. Wigoda’s technique and experience allows patients to benefit from a shorter recovery time, it is important to follow the outlined, post-op recovery instructions given after painless breast implant surgery. The level of discomfort and pain greatly depends on a patient’s willingness to follow the necessary post-op care instructions.

Fact: You can reduce recovery time after a painless breast implants procedure.

It is vital that patients follow the post-op instructions and take the necessary prescriptions, as directed. Not all body types are the same, which is why Dr. Wigoda customizes painless breast implant post-op recovery guidelines and medications to be specific for each patient.

You can reduce recovery time after a painless breast implant procedure by doing the following:

  • Be cautious with your movements and actions post-op. Your breasts will heal faster if you do not jump into physical activities that are not recommended by Dr. Wigoda. However, unlike most plastic surgeons, Dr. Wigoda will have his patients start raising their arms the night of the surgery, and they may start taking showers the following day. That’s right, if you want to shampoo and blow dry your hair, you can do so the next day. When in doubt though, call his staff and ask!
  • While remaining cautious with your physical activities, you also do not want to do the opposite and just sit around. Get up and be active, just do not overexert yourself. You want to get your body used to the added weight and pressure, but very slowly. Some of Dr. Wigoda’s patients have confessed that they went out to dinner or the movies the night of the surgery.
  • If recommended to do so, massage your breasts to help along the healing process. This usually starts three weeks after a painless breast implant surgery.

How long is the recovery time after breast implant surgery?

Recovery time following a painless breast implant procedure with Dr. Wigoda will depend on the patient, but most patients return to work after two to three days. Certain aerobic activity will be limited for a designated period of time, so make sure that you speak to Dr. Wigoda and feel free to call staff for questions before jumping into any strenuous activity. For the most part, you should return to your normal routine within one or two weeks. Most patients can start exercising after three weeks.

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