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Welcome to painless breast

If you're considering breast augmentation with implants there are a few decisions you need to make. Probably the most important decision is your surgeon who can guide you and advise you on the various options for your surgery.

Since I began my private practice in 1999, after doing many hundreds of breast augmentation procedures, I have developed a technique where my patients typically wake up with no pain whatsoever and afterward, typically only have very mild, if any, discomfort. Most patients I see do not believe me when I tell them that their discomfort level is going to be minimal. They have heard from their friends or relatives how they were in severe pain after surgery, they were in bed for a long time, they couldn't go back to work, etc. So what I've done is videotaped a few patients within a day or a few days after their surgery to tell you about their experience.

I can assure you these are regular patients who are giving their own opinions. They have not been scripted. The patients were asked some simple questions which they were free to answer however they wanted. The patients have not been rewarded in any way for volunteering to the videos.

I believe the patients were just so grateful with the experience they had that they were happy to do it and spread the word so that others would also have as good an experience as they did. For every patient that was willing to be seen on video, I can assure you there are hundreds of others who had the same experience, many of whom were too shy or didn't want to publicize their surgery. If I can make one other suggestion, it is to not shop solely on price. Not only will the final result you will end up with not be the same from one surgeon to another but your experience for weeks or months after will not be the same.