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There are quite a few plastic surgery businesses in South Florida that you may hear about, especially on the radio. These businesses are not owned by the surgeons, but rather by businessmen who hire the plastic surgeons. They rely on a large advertising budget to attract patients. The owners goal is not for their surgeons to do the best surgery possible, but to do the MOST surgery possible. Surgeons only get paid a small fraction of the fee for each case and so their incentive is also to do as many surgeries as quickly as possible. Both patient safety and the cosmetic result are secondary. In fact, the anesthesia group that works at the Aesthetics Institute was asked to provide anesthesia services at one of the larger "factories" and after evaluating the facility, refused to take the potentially lucrative work due to safety concerns. Unfortunately, patients fall for their slick sales pitches without realizing what they are getting into. Often the surgeons who are hired by these centers have serious issues. Many had to close their private practices because they were not successful. Others have had disciplinary problems with the Board of Medicine and most have countless lawsuits against them.

Unfortunately, many of the surgeons also have patients that have died in their care. Many reputable plastic surgeons in South Florida get to see patients who have been to these centers and are looking to have corrective surgery. It is from stories told to us by these patients as well as ex-employees, that we know what goes on in these "factories". We hear the horror stories on a weekly basis. Some of these centers now have patients actually sign a form requiring them to go to arbitration if they want to sue (click here). By not being able to take the business to court, no one knows how many lawsuits these centers actually have, making it look like their record is much better than it actually is. To see a video testimonial of a patient who had surgery at one of these centers click here.